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Our Gate To Your Plate

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 Updated 26th December 2014

In our store you will find a selection of cuts from our naturally raised heritage breed animals.
 Galloway Beef & Romney Lamb which is strictly grass fed - NO GRAIN EVER.
Pastured Large Black, & Tamworth pork.
Pastured Chicken, Free range Duck, Turkey, Goose and Pheasant
All our animals are growth hormone and drug free.
Please email or call for more details

We are open
Thursday 10am-6pm 
Friday      10am-6pm
Saturday  10am-4pm
Sunday    12pm-4pm 
For enquiries and special orders please email

Andy, Jade & Emily Sproston
234 Elm Tree Road East,
Ontario L3M 4E7.
Store 905-309-4984 Cell 289-441-2411

Please help us and the environment by bringing your own shopping bags

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