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Our Gate To Your Plate

Whats in store this week - Available Friday 22nd August 10am
Fresh Pork Chops, ground pork, roast shoulder and leg roasts. 
Full range of our 100% Pork sausages including Hot Italian, Honey Garlic
Mild Italian, Oktoberfest and Breakfast Sausage

Our prizewinning 100% Galloway Beef Burgers and much more for the BBQ
including Beef Sausage plus lots of other beef and pork products 

Always a good selection of heritage Large Black and Tamworth Pork and Galloway beef roasts in store
 Thanksgiving Pasture raised Turkey Lottery is up and running 
You have to be in it to win it
see in store for details

Strictly grass fed Lamb and Pasture raised chicken in the freezer
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 Updated August 20th 2014

In our store you will find a selection of cuts from our naturally raised heritage breed animals.
 Galloway beef & Romney lamb* which is strictly grass fed - NO GRAIN EVER.
Pastured Large Black, & Tamworth pork.
Pastured Chicken*,  Free range Duck*, Turkey*, Goose* and Pheasant*.
Free range chicken and duck* eggs
All our animals are growth hormone and drug free.
Please email or call for more details

*seasonal products - may not be available year round.
We are open Thursdays 10am-6pm, Fridays late night 10am-8pm
& Saturday 10am-4pm.
Sunday's 12pm - 4pm - Summer only (May - October)
Monday's 2pm - 6pm - Summer only (May - October)
For enquiries Email

234 Elm Tree Road East,
Ontario L3M 4E7.

Please help us and the environment by bringing your own shopping bags

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